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Problems Cleaning The White Elastic

Oct 17th, 2008 Posted in Angela, braces | no comment »

During yesterday’s visit, Dr. B called the dental hygienist into the room to help resolve the issue of keeping the white elastic on the lower front teeth clean. I told them it was a food trap and that my attempts at cleaning it weren’t the most successful. Kind of tricky working with such tiny spaces. She gave me a Crest Glide Floss Pick; using the end to gently open up the elastic so I could use a tiny Go-Between to brush the remnants of food out. It’s been proving useful. Come to think of it, a GUM stimulator could also take the place of the Glide Pick… Another small issue solved.

I’ve been using the GUM stimulator (soft tip) to gently remove food particles collecting around the brackets only because I’m not sure what else to do and my rinsing and Oral B brush aren’t always successful at getting the food completely off.

The dental hygienist reminded me to keep my brushes clean by using an equal part mixture of water and vinegar.