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Braces Update October 15, 2009

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Another long wait to finally get to see Dr. B.  Truthfully, I was annoyed.  The office makes such a big stink for people to arrive on-time yet they make people wait and wait and wait.  Anyway, purple elastic ligatures this time (Halloween’s approaching)…  I asked Dr. B about the big stubborn gap among my left lowers (please see previous posts).  He said it may have to stay like that.  I couldn’t believe my ears?!  With all that money and sacrifice, I expect perfection.  I’m going to have a polite private chat with the over-seeing dentist for a second opinion.  I don’t want to wait too long to have this conversation with Dr. L.  I’m upset and rightfully so.  I know no one can see this spot unless I open my mouth for someone to look in but the point is I know it’s there and it bothers me :(.  Dr. B also said that my right lowers are starting to get a little crooked and he wants to fix this issue.  This was in response to my question of how much longer I have to wait until the braces come off.  I was estimating about 5 months but now who knows?

Things To Be Aware of Regarding Braces

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These are things I’ve experienced since getting my braces; a list that includes many things that I was unaware of and wish I had been better prepared for…

*gum & teeth pain/soreness (this I was aware of)

remedy: soft diet, rinse with warm salt water, talk to orthodontist.

*increased risk of canker sores from braces rubbing against the buccal mucosa

remedy: cool or warm water rinse, soothing protective gels & rinses, orthodontic wax, talk to orthodontist.

*teeth shifting leading to change in bite

sorry, you’ll have to live with this for a little while; you may want to mention this to your orthodontist.

*elastic ligatures popping off and loss of tension in archwire

remedy: consult with dental office as soon as possible

*the need to possibly pull healthy teeth to remedy overcrowding

don’t be afraid to ask questions during your initial consult.

*sensation of loosened teeth

this is actually normal (may seem a little scary) but when in doubt, consult with your orthodontist.

*make sure you are aware of your orthodontist’s availability just in case emergent issues arise. I wish I had known that Dr. B was only available twice a month at my particular dental office.

Having experienced all of the above, I still think I made the right decision to get braces.  It hasn’t always been easy but the promise of a good end result is worth the adjustments and sacrifices I’ve had to make.

Braces Update September 17, 2009

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Nothing remarkable to write about.  I requested for pink elastic ligatures mainly because I like the color…  The usual late evening to early morning soreness after the braces tightening.  Not what I would describe as pain but a dull discomfort that seems to quickly dissipate as the day drags on.  Wow, I can’t wait until they are finally off!  It’s not that they bother me that much; sometimes I’m unaware they’re even on.   It’s just that I’m looking forward to the visible progress of straight pearly whites.