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Retainer Update: October 2010 & November 2010

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The front lower gap closed within the first month of using my retainers with the ortho elastic and has not returned since.  What a relief!  That was one stubborn gap.  I’ve become used to having my retainers on at night.  It didn’t take long to adjust but is there really a choice in the matter?  Dr. B has been tightening my retainers a little here and there.  He says they can loosen with regular wear and tear but that it’s a normal occurrence (a snug fit without any discomfort is the ideal).  I was so happy when he told me I didn’t need the elastic band anymore.  It was slightly annoying to get them on my left and right retainer hooks.  I did lose a bunch of elastics as they went flying in the air when I tried to put them on the retainers (which was what I had to do 3-4x per day).  My prescribed routine remains the same as the day I received them.  I do however go retainer-less most mornings and evenings.  I wouldn’t dare go without them at night.  Don’t want to ruin all that hard work of 18+ months! As you can tell by the update, I’m still going to the dental office once a month for now.  I believe the visit frequencies will probably decrease down the road, of course not counting my dental deep cleanings which are every few months.

*New picture to be posted soon*