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Braces Follow-Up: June 21, 2010

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I left a message for the dental office on Friday afternoon to schedule a special visit as soon as possible (darn- I must have just missed them and the after-hours service was activated).  This is the second time that the end elastics both broke off causing my lower archwire to lose tension and even worse this time, the left side of the archwire was freed and occasionally poked me on the inside of my mouth (I had the horrible image of a fish on a hook in mind).  Ouch!  I temporarily secured it with a thick layer of ortho. wax but as you may guess, this can be of only limited help.  The receptionist returned my call early Monday morning and I was finally able to convince them that my situation warranted a visit that day.  At first they hesitated to oblige my request. Upon arriving at 10:30 am, I noticed they were a little short staffed and was very surprised that who I thought was only a receptionist was also the one to replace the elastic ligatures for me.  She did a good job.  I happily trotted out the door to meet my husband for breakfast…  I love a happy ending =).

Braces Follow-Up: June 3, 2010

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I was the only one in the waiting room this time.  Usually it’s packed.  Dr. B even saw me a few minutes earlier; I say this because it’s a rarity.  Usually he’s 15 to 30 minutes late and I have to bear the screaming of little kids in the office with their equally frustrated parents.  Today he had just shuffled in and I was his first appointment.  I asked for purple elastic ligatures.  Dr. B quickly rummaged through his cart and finds them for me.  I figure that deciding on what color to wear is the only small control I have in this process.  I’m always delighted when he has pinks and purples left.  He confirmed again that I could finally have my braces removed in a few months and was pleased with my progress.  Yes, FREEDOM =)!  I wasn’t the best patient today since I wanted to catch every glimpse of Animal Planet on t.v; sometimes it’s re-runs of NCIS.  Before leaving, he customarily asks if the braces are hurting, scratching, irritating me in any way and 10 to 1 everything’s okay at the time.  Like clock-work, a few days later, something definitely starts troubling me.  This time it’s my lower left brackets which are rubbing against the inside of my mouth.  I’m rinsing with Colgate’s Peroxyl and will place some ortho wax over the brackets for pain relief.  Honestly, I’m still really unhappy with the slight cross-bite after all the sacrifices I have made up to this point.  I’m hoping that once my teeth are whitened that it will barely be that noticeable…  I know, wishful thinking…  Until next time…

Yup, nothing like a lil’ Rincinol, Canker-X, and ortho wax can’t fix =)