Unicorn Chopsticks

I only occasionally use chopsticks when I eat (when I’m too lazy or feel overly self-conscious to request for a fork while everyone has already taken up their chopsticks).  I am, however, proficient at using them as a spoon, fork, and semi-knife so I have very little excuses.  I couldn’t resist buying this cute pair created by ThinkGeek.com and sold by UrbanOutfitters.com because I love horses and My Little Ponies.  Here’s UO’s decription of them:

“* Make your meal pure magic!
* Chopsticks shaped as majestic unicorns
* High-quality, food grade construction
* Set of 2
* 9″l

Content & Care:
* Plastic
* Wipe clean
* Imported”

**Please note, they are not intended for children to use.

They should still be available at the time of this post.  So if you would like to try or to own a fun dining utensil, this is most certainly for you…

Bon appetite.

*Photocredit: Urban Outfitters

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