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Thoughts On Braces

Oct 17th, 2008 Posted in Angela, braces | no comment »

Previously I mentioned to Dr. B regarding Lora’s Blog. The next time I saw him, he noted that though Lora’s Blog was a good account of her experience with braces, she never really brought up people’s reactions to her braces (namely her family). He made a good point… So to improve upon that recounter, I will say that my husband told me that my braces made me look like I was smiling all the time (spoken in jest)… haha… What it really was? The brackets gently pushed my upper lip up a little on either end and made me look like I was smiling all the time. I obviously had a small problem of keeping my upper lip closed over the brackets earlier on, since I was not used to them yet =)…

I’m glad I didn’t get braces as a child for the reasons that I was dealing with many issues back then- racial prejudice, being a nerd. Braces would have made the teasing worse. Kids are mean. I also didn’t have the greatest dental hygiene back then (typical kid problem). So when my mom went into her banter of “see I told you to get it when you were a kid,” I told her “think again.” This was the perfect time for me to have braces- no teasing (except from my mom), plus I’m compliant to the regimen- no slacking, no matter how late at night it may be; you will still see the bathroom lights on, hear the buzz of my Oral B, the sound of swishing and rinsing, the duggaduggadugga of the waterpik (think mini jackhammer).

For any adult who doubts they’ve made the right decision to get braces; doubt no more, you’re worth it.