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Braces Third Follow-Up Visit

Oct 17th, 2008 Posted in Angela, braces | no comment »

Today is October 17, 2008. My third visit to ortho. I have a party to attend this weekend and was trying to decide whether I should just go for the clear elastic ligatures. Frankly, I’ve been tired of the continued staining- looking at the neon yellow-green…yuk. I wanted color this time, but not too much to attract attention to my braces. I’m still overly self-conscious about them and sadly sort of ashamed that I need braces. I’m sure people see them but no one has said anything yet. I haven’t caught people staring either. I guess everyone knows the polite thing to do (keep quiet if they do spot them on me)- maybe let me bring it up only if I want to. That is, everyone except for my mom, who sure has a way of making me feel better =(. Anyway, I told Dr.B I was feeling a little braver and asked him what colors he had with him today. My face brightened when he said he had pink. That was the color I was hoping for. The perfect blush/neutral color that says “fun” yet doesn’t shout “look at me.” Not bad for my first experiment with color. I think I would have gone for purple lowers and maybe clear uppers, maybe purple lowers and uppers (depending on the way it looked on the lowers first), had he not said he had some pink handy. Anyway, my husband says he can see some progress with my teeth from the pictures. I haven’t really done a comparison yet. I did notice that after I got home, I checked in a mirror and saw that my lowers are slowly moving closer together. Millimeter by mm my teeth are moving. I’m thinking of switching my Oral B electric toothbrush to Sonicare with a brush sanitizing system. I haven’t decided yet. As for pain, I did start feeling a bit tender several hours after the dental appointment. I hope tomorrow will be okay. I love food. I dislike limiting what I can eat due to this sensitivity.