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Braces Follow-Up March 19, 2009

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Another uneventful follow-up visit. I asked for pink ligatures this time. Maybe next time I will ask for green (for Spring)? Dr. B replaced the elastic on my front lowers. I try my best but they are really tough to clean since there’s no space to work with- I’ve been using my proxabrush to run under them but that’s all that I can really do besides the regular brushing. By the end of the visit, I felt a slight mouth ache. Usually that means a bad next day, especially in the morning, but this time only my right lower canine and the tooth next to it were aching for a small part of the day. I was still able to eat my lunch (salad) without too much difficulty. It’s a good idea to chop your food up more than usual; I wish I had thought of that before I added the dressing. I’m still so annoyed that there’s a big gap among my left lowers. I also want them to extract my right lower wisdom tooth (the only one remaining). Maybe that would make room for my teeth to spread out? I don’t know if I’m imagining this but one of my front upper teeth and my right lower canine seems to be turned in slightly? I can’t believe how aweful my teeth were before; it’s taking such a long time for all of them to get into their proper places. The side profile of my current bite looks strange. I really hope everything will be corrected by the end. I still have a slight overbite, noticeable at a frontal angle. I would be so happy if my teeth end up looking like the mold they showed me in August, 2008 of the “new me.”

Dental Follow-Up

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Yesterday was another routine visit to ortho. Nothing really that remarkable. He tightened the uppers and lowers. Dr. B added elastic to the few front lowers. I did tell him I was concerned that the gap was taking so long to close. He responded by saying that the progress was as expected. I requested pink elastic ligatures this time since Valentine’s Day is approaching. Next time I will go with purple (my fave color). Of course today I’m in discomfort so no calamari salad for me (as I had hoped) =(. The most tender spot is the right side upper big front tooth. As the day is wearing on, the discomfort is subsiding. It was another round of soft food tonight. I nearly jumped out of my skin this morning from brushing over the tender spot =(. Luckily, my lowers are not nearly as tender. My over-bite seems to be gradually disappearing…WOOHOO… A small first victory… Here’s a pic of my yucky teeth. It’s hard to hold that mouth position for a picture to be taken but I do try my best. ‘Til next month…

P.S. I’m not sure if I ever posted this but it takes me tops 10 minutes to clean my teeth at night and just a few minutes in the morning and after meals. It didn’t take me too long to adjust and I’m sure that it’s the same for anyone else who is adjusting to braces. If you are reading my blog and are planning to get braces, just remember– no big worries.

January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009