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Change in Bite

Sep 20th, 2008 Posted in Angela, braces | no comment »

I have been eating mainly soft foods e.g. eggs, yogurt without solid fruit chunks, congee, potatoe salad, noodle soups since the tooth extraction and braces tightening. Today was the first time I realized my bite has changed slightly. I’m not sure what happened? It feels really strange. I had suspected my right upper canine but it’s really the “loose tooth” and the one below which feel at odds with one another. It seems like there’s something new everyday. I will probably call the dental office on Monday to consult with Dr. L. It’s not a tremendous problem but a noticeable change. I suspect that these changes are normal; funny that the potential change in bite never crossed my mind as a consequence of having braces. I’m overall experiencing less teeth/gum aching. Maybe tomorrow will be even better?