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My Thoughts

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I’m happy that I got my teeth straightened.  It wasn’t a small decision and I consider it a team effort which did involve both my family’s and my dental team’s support.  The entire process does have it’s challenges but it was very worth it!  Thanks so much for following me on this crazy adventure, especially through my bumps, blips, and under-the-breath mutterings here and there.  I understand that a 100% smooth process is too much to expect.  Gosh, what a stark difference.  Photos don’t lie.  Well, the journey continues…  Until next month’s new (retainer) post, here’s to good dental health =)

Braces Follow-Up: September 2, 2010 (Braces Removal)

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After 20 months of dedicated care by me and Dr. B, I began my count-down a week earlier anticipating this day.  Much like a child impatiently awaiting Christmas morning…..

The visit began with Dr. B joking, “well today I won’t ask you what color elastics you want” and I quickly retorted, “neither am I going to tell you which ones I want.”  This procedure took about an hour.  Dr. B asked me if I ever had a chipped tooth?  About several years ago if not more, I had one each on my upper left and right sides.  My answer would decide how much pressure he could assert when removing the braces.  I was surprised he didn’t undo a layer of orthodontics at a time.  He warned me, “this is going to sound like thunder and lightning.”  Crack, crack, crack.  Ohhhhhh =(.  I sat there imagining some of my teeth being stuck to the brackets as this was happening.  Obviously, a horrible thought.  I asked him as soon as he was done, if everything was okay and he confirmed that everything went well.  I suggested that someone should invent a unglue brackets spray and he agreed that maybe they should but unfortunately there was currently no such thing.  Maybe one day they will?  Then came the polishing to remove any leftover glue.  I swear that I will never get used to that awful carbon smell =( (a most distinctive burning odor, unlike a wonderful fireplace or holiday barbeque).  My to-be-brother-in-law recently mentioned that there might be some teeth discoloration after removing the braces.  I remembered to ask Dr. B about this since I had no mirror in front of me at the time.  Dr. B said that this usually occurs in patients who have not had the best oral hygiene during the time they had their braces on, but that it could occur even with good hygiene, however less likely.  He said I had no such discolorations.  I was very happy to hear this of course.  I had imagined the weightlessness I would feel once my braces were removed… maybe so much that when they were finally taken off, I was not surprised to instantly feel like my old self again.  I ran my tongue across all my teeth and they felt perfectly smooth, but with a fuzzy thin film if that makes any sense? (probably from being dehydrated, breathing with my mouth open during what Lora B coined “de-bracing”).  I was off to bigger and better things this day =)…  Read on…

September 2, 2010 Braces Removed =)