Loose Tooth

Late last night I was flossing my teeth and suddenly realized that the tooth on my right side with the last bracket felt loose. I panicked not knowing why? I wasn’t even in pain. I’ve taken such good care of my teeth and gums. I went to bed worrying that I wasn’t meant to have braces. Maybe they were wrong and my teeth and gums weren’t really healthy enough to handle the stress of braces?

I woke up this morning and decided to call the dental office for advice since I was scared to eat, thinking the tooth would pop right off. Dr. L explained that the “mobility” was normal (I’ve had my braces for one month). He also told me that at some point all my teeth would be going through this mobility and that Dr. B would stabilize my teeth and tighten the braces with every visit. Mind-boggling news. Why didn’t anyone warm me about this “loosening” and “numb” yet not totally numb feeling was just a “normal” part of having braces/ortho? This “mobility” is a horrible feeling. Kind of transports me back to when I was I guess about 10 years old, when my permanent teeth were setting in… one tooth after another went bye-bye (a disgusting and disturbing feeling I still remember)… my baby/deciduous teeth slowly jiggled and fell out, and then erupted my adult teeth. Though Dr. L said I didn’t have to go on a soft diet, I’m thinking I should stay away from steak (my favorite meat) for awhile, at least until I feel braver. If anyone actually has any doubts, this entry gets a big unhappy face from me =(. By the end of all of this, I may be in need of some retail therapy!

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