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Sep 16th, 2008 Posted in braces | no comment »

I placed my order for my proxabrush supplies on August 28 and today is September 17. I’ve sent them a few emails regarding the issue of order non-receipt besides the order details. Their site has no clearly listed phone number, just e-mail forms (which they don’t respond to and yes, I’ve checked my JUNK MAIL folder daily). I googled them and found out they were affiliated with a Lititz PA dental office. Called twice already and have not received a call back from Ms. Palace, even though a colleague forwarded her my message and contact information. That’s horrible “customer service,” if it could even be called that. I just saw a change in order status on the site. Looks a little promising but I really shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble for an order paid-in-full. We’ll see… the order isn’t in my possession yet. Keep you posted. I’m so disappointed with this company especially since I saw, previous to placing the order, that they have been recommended via other web sites. Any of you dealt with this company and have stories to tell?

Next Day: I just received an early morning call from Ms. Palace. Apparently one of the proxabrush items had been discontinued and that was the cause for the delay. I’m feeling better but wish she could have called or emailed sooner when she initially encountered this problem. There’s always a concern when you don’t hear from a company (after repeated attempts to contact them), which leads one to believe they’ve been swindled. The other items should be on their way. I think calling this company, should you choose to order from them, is the best way to receive an answer…..

September 18, 2008: I actually received my shipment today. Wow, perfect timing. I’m beginning to forgive them. =)

For anyone who needs their info:
Lititz Dental Co./
Contact: Keri Palasz, Manager
4C Tollgate Road
Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543