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Frick & Frack

Aug 22nd, 2009 Posted in Jake Emerson, Outlaw Pete, Pets | no comment »

Yesterday I mentioned to DH about the names Frick & Frack… Seemed like it was an allusion to something or someone but wasn’t sure? He looked the info. up in Wikipedia The following poem is adapted from a eulogy given by Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday Morning…

Frick & Frack

Werner Groebli & Hans R. Mauch and their two men ice-skating act
Didn’t perform as Groebli and Mauch but called themselves Frick & Frack

Groebli was Frick and Mauch was Frack,
Together they were a long running Ice Follies sensation
Who performed in a manner so nice that they
Always earned an ovation

Frick, a village in Switzerland
Frack, a kind of Swiss coat
And that with the skaters’ own background is what the name denote

None could compare with the Frick & Frack pair
Who could do what all others could not do…

Their names have now entered the language
And there is no taking it back
From now on special partners, buddies, and friends
Will always be called Frick & Frack

*Photocredit: The Washington Post & NYCupcake