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Everyone Should Own One!

Dec 6th, 2008 Posted in Angela, braces | no comment »

I love my new Sonicare RS930! It really does work well in getting my teeth clean plus I love that it has a sanitizing system for the brushes. I have to work on letting the brush do all the work instead of pressing down too hard. Unfortunately, years of having that bad habit has caused a little gum recession. I may need some minor gum surgery to fix the problem =(. Another aspect of the Sonicare that works well for me is the automatic timer, which helps me to pace my brushing quadrants. It’s pretty subtle. I only wish the beep was a bit louder. I think everyone should be using an electric toothbrush, whether it’s an Oral B or Sonicare. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince my parents.

When I bought my Sonicare, my dentist had mentioned that some of his adult patients with braces were not properly caring for their teeth. He said, “it’s like buying a new car and not getting it cleaned.” That was a perfect simile.

P.S. This particular Sonicare model in the 900 Series uses the ProResults brush head.